I discovered my passion for writing while I was in primary school.

I still remember vividly how I came home one afternoon after school and I wrote on cleaniness and my dad printed them out the next day and I shared them to my classmates.
In 2008 I published a book of my personal quotes titled 111 wise words and in 2009 I was invited by the university board in collaboration with other professors from the political and social science department to publish the first edition of strategies on diplomatic matters.
In 2016, I received a five year contract to publish my books with a publishing company in Darmstadt but I decided to follow my path and self-published my books through Kindle and Createspace publishing company.
Since then I have published more books like:

By Esther Samson

Trials of a Woman

Trials of a woman which delineates the various challenges that confronts women from different cultural background. I also had live interviews with women who wanted to share their stories.
My story in this book is the story of Kemi.
I hope this book motivates someone.

By Esther Samson

 105 inspirational words

These are daily practical quotes to live by especially for those who need daily motivation.

By Esther Samson

Surviving the Storm

This is a christian motivational book which uses true life stories to emphasize on the storms of life, suggesting important spiritual keys which will help you to stay focused during the bad weather.

By Esther Samson

Strategic Roles on Diplomatic Matters

This is a modest piece which examines the role of diplomats in foreign policy formulation and implementation, conflict prevention highlighting the challenges that confront them, with particular reference to Henry Kissinger of the United States.
Furthermore, I also emphasized on Kissingers diplomatic methods of Detent and its effect on the Syrian Conflict, Boko Haram etc.