In 2016, I decided to join my mother Evangelist Dupe Emmanuel in supporting the Erkundayo Orphanage Home at Isanlu, Kogi State.

Our first project was to help renovate some parts of the home.
We replaced the main gate which was damaged by erosion.
We bought and fixed new windows.
We plastered and did some house painting.
In addition, every christmas, we organize a christmas party where these children can have fun and we share gifts to them.
Due to financial constraints, we have not been able to complete the renovation. We are searching for people who are prepared to help these kids by donating food, clothes, medical supplies, paying tuition which is as low as 10 to 15 euros.
Recently, we almost lost a baby due to lack of milk which most people have access to but unfortunately these kids are not so priviledged.
In July 2018, God placed it in my heart to start a feeding project for old people and young adults.
Due to the present situation in Nigeria, people die daily from hunger.
Since then we have been able to reach out to many women bringing a smile to their faces.
We have been sharing a  2 to 3 weeks meal to sustain these women.
"Give a man a million and he will spend it within a year but show him the strategies you used to get the Million and you have changed his life for good. #Esthersamson
My aim is not just to continue feeding these people but in the future to help them enhance their personal skills so that they can become self-sufficient.