True love does not come easy, but a love story has a way of captivating our hearts leaving
us with unforgetable memories.
Esther samson short romance novel, LOVE IN THE NORTHERN SAHARA set in the early
90's in the city of Kano.
A story about Nathaniel Gallagher, a young British teacher, whose journey to the Northern
region of Nigeria will change his life forever.
After the bloody riot, Omolara sat down under an oak tree remembering her near death
experience and her time at the army barack. She closed her eyes to make a wish, hoping
that she would one day again meet the man who stole her heart.
With a twist of fate their paths might cross again.
A heartwarming tale of love, war and trust which depicts a strong connection between two
people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and exposes the beauty and culture of
the North.

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